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What is KuleSpin?

KuleSpin is a Marketing Tool Where members can play a game and win tickets to claim a free bonus at one of many well known online advertising sites and information sites. You can join free and just play the bonus game for fun or you can choose to take advantage of the business opportunity in the members area of KuleSpin. No Purchase is necessary to play the bonus game. Have fun and Enjoy!

Can I Make Money With KuleSpin?

Yes you can. You can choose your account level and promote the site. You can earn commissions when someone joins under your KuleSpin link. You can also earn commissions by adding (branding) your affiliate ID in each of the bonus prizes. When someone joins one of the bonus sites under you, you build your downline in that site and if they upgrade under you at any time, you can earn a commissions from that upgrade.

Can I join free?

Absolutely! You can sign up as a free member and play each day as a free member. Everyone Signs up free. If you want to take advantage of the business opportunity and earn money, you can do that too. In the members area you will see an upgrade link and this upgrade page will show you the various options available.

Can all members promote KuleSpin?

Yes both free and paid members will have an affiliate link available to them in the members area of KuleSpin. You can earn commissions starting at 10% up to 50% for founding members. Everyone can earn at KuleSpin.

What Are The Bonuses That People Win At KuleSpin?

The bonuses are varied. They range from 1000 Sokens at the well know Social Media site, Sokule, to lifetime memberships in various online advertising programs. A full list of bonuses are available in
the KuleSpin member area.

Why Do I Want To Brand The KuleSpin Machine?

There are 28 bonus wins that members can win when they play the KuleSpin Bonus Machine. Each of these bonus sites has their own affiliate program. You want the winner of the Kule Spin to sign up under YOUR affiliate link for the bonus sites.

This is called downline building and you will be able to do that
by branding the links in the KuleSpin Machine.

When people upgrade under your link in any of the affiliate sites,
you will earn a commission.

Can I Add My Own Bonuses To KuleSpin?

Yes you can add your own Bonuses to KuleSpin but only if you upgrade to the founding level. You can add up to 3 of your own bonuses. These bonus offers must be approved by the owner of KuleSpin before they can be added to Your KuleSpin Machine.

Does KuleSpin Help Me Build a List?

Yes. It Does. When People come to the site, they must enter their name and email address in order to gain access to the members area and to play the KuleSpin Machine. They then become part of your KuleSpin Downline and if you are an upgraded member of the site, you will have ad Admin Mailer and you can reach them daily depending on your membership level.

Can I Use My Own Auto Responder With KuleSpin?

Yes You can. Almost any auto responder is compatible with KuleSpin by simply adding a code to you page. Full instructions are in the members area. You must be an upgraded member of KuleSpin to add your own Auto Responder

Do I Get My Own Mailer With KuleSpin?

Yes, You do get your own mailer with KuleSpin if you are an upgraded member. You will see an Admin Mailer In your members area and that mailer is for you and you alone. Depending on your membership level you can mail to your downline every 5 days, 3 days, 2 days or Daily.

Can I Turn Off The Sound on The KuleSpin Machine

Yes You Can. Under The KuleSpin Machine there is are two buttons. One says Stop Music. The Other Says Play Music. Choose which one suits you. We love the sounds effects but we know that not everyone does:)

Can I Opt Out Of Receiving Emails?

Yes you can opt out of receiving emails in the members area. Just go to your profile and you will find a button allowing you to opt out there. There is also an unsubscribe link in every email you receive and you can of course unsubscribe from any list.

Can I Advertise On KuleSpin?

Yes there are 3 ways to advertise on KuleSpin. You can advertise on the main KuleSpin machine itself which will of course get the most views. You can also purchase a banner ad or text ad in members area. The banner ads and text ads show at the right side of each page in the members area. Everyone who wants to play KuleSpin must log in to play so your ads will get a great deal of exposure in the members area.

Do I Get Any Free Advertising With My Upgrade?

Yes you do get free advertising with your upgrade. Depending on your membership level, you get free text ads and or free sponsor ads (banner ads). Please check the upgrade button in the members area to see what comes each membership level.

What is the Main Purpose of the Business Opportunity?

The main purpose of the Business opportunity is to be able to build your own online list quickly and easily by use of the KuleSpin Capture page. Because you can earn commissions when you sell upgrades at KuleSpin and because you have up to 28 other sites where you can earn commissions that are in the KuleSpin machine, this is an excellent way for you to earn from many sources online.

Who are The Owners of KuleSpin?

Phil Basten and Jane Mark from JAM Marketing Inc and Sokule Inc are the owners of KuleSpin. Phil and Jane have been creating advertising tools for Online Marketers for the past 15 years and are best known for the flagship site, Sokule. You can read all about Phil and Jane Here


If I Need Help What Do I Do?

Please contact us anytime through the support desk. We get back to you within 24 hours and we are glad to help in any way we can. Please use a gmail address when you contact us so that
you are sure to get our response to you. Many emails bounce mail on the net and you are most likely to actually receiver you email if you use a gmail address.

Where are the Offices of KuleSpin?

KuleSpin is located in New York City at the offices
of JAM Marketing Inc-736 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Is KuleSpin free to the general public?

YES! But keep in mind that KuleSpin is a marketing site and all of the free prizes are marketing related.

How Do I Brand The Prize Links?

If you are a paying member of KuleSpin, you can go to the Branding link in the members area and click on Brand KuleSpin.
It will show you a list of all the prizes and you just pop your user id into that branding tool and when you have people join under you at KuleSpin and they win a prize, it will be your link they see when they go to claim the prize.

If I upgrade does that Increase My Chances of Winning a Prize?

No absolutely not. Everyone who signs up to KuleSpin has the same chance of winning or not winning when they spin daily. It is random who wins and has nothing to do with membership level or any payment by any member for anything. Payments for ads or upgraded accounts are optional and not required to play the KuleSpin game. Have fun!

Can I Add My Own Auto Repsonder To KuleSpin

Yes you can add almost any responder to KuleSpin. That feature will be available shortly after our launch date of March 5th, 2015 and instructions will tell you how to add an auto responder.

My Profile Picture does not fit. What do I do?

If you are trying to load a profile picture in KuleSpin and it does not fit, please go to one of these sites below and resize your image to fit



Are UpGrades One Time Payments or Recurring Payments?

A Bronze upgrade is an annual upgrade. You pay once a year. All other upgrades are One time payments. You pay once and that's it.

How Do I Get Paid at KuleSpin?

We can pay you by paypal, solid trust pay or by check. Please enter your payment details in the members area under Profile

Commission payments are made each Friday and will start on March 13th, 2015.

What is The KS Mailer?

The KS Mailer is a member mailer. Any KuleSpin member can join the KS Mailer by simply signing up and verifying their email address. Depending on your membership level at KuleSpin, you can use the KS mailer weekly, every 5 days, every 4 days ,every 2 days and daily. The KS mailer is not the same as the Admin Mailer that lets you contact your leads daily if you
are an upgraded member of KuleSpin. These are two separate mailers.

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